Wednesday, 10 November 2010

MPs investigate Audit Commission abolition

Clive Betts MP
The Communities and Local Government Committee is to investigate the implications for the accountability of local government likely to follow from the decision to abolish the Audit Commission.

Echoing the concerns of the House of Lords over the Public Finance Bill, Committee Chair Clive Betts MP told Public Finance that the abolition of the Audit Commission was a ‘big issue’.
"The government is taking a very hands-off approach to audit and inspection and we want to explore how that will work in practice.
"We will also be looking closely to ensure that the useful work which the commission does through value-for-money studies can be continued, for the good of local government as a whole."
Betts, speaking to Public Finance last week, expressed concern that, if councils were given the freedom to appoint their own auditors, there would be nothing to stop them dismissing firms that issue the reports if they do not like what they say.

The committee is asking for interested groups to submit evidence by 6 January 2011.

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  1. The Guardian's Diary column today draws attention to some fascinating comparisons between the favoured HCA and the doomed Audit Commission. As diarist Hugh Muir observes "The squeeze goes on, but in the land of Eric there are quangos and then there are quangos. There is waste and then there is waste."