Tuesday, 1 February 2011

May to axe asbos

rozzersThe Home Secretary Theresa May has revealed to the Guardian that she will speed up and intensify action against anti-social behaviour. The term 'asbo' will be scrapped, and the different categories of ASB offences will be cut from 19 to five.

May will introduce a consultation 'within a fortnight' about a revised 'toolkit of measures' - designed to be less prescriptive, costly and bureaucratic.

With the consultation will come a new government website, showing crime hotspots and allowing the public to monitor local crime levels.

May said the asbo system will partially remain, but officers will have more discretionary powers. For example, to force offenders to make amends on the spot, clean up graffiti or repair property. This will avoid the longer route of taking offenders to court.

The consultation paper will introduce five new measures to extend police powers:
  1. A "criminal behaviour order" that could see someone who is convicted of being drunk and disorderly banned from a town centre for two years.
  2. A civil "crime prevention injunction" which could be obtained within "hours rather than months".
  3. Court orders to close a property where there has been persistent disorder.
  4. Fines for people who have been a persistent nuisance and harmed the quality of life in an area.
  5. A "direction to leave" which will see any individual causing or likely to cause crime directed away from a particular place and "related items" confiscated.

1 comment:

  1. Having read these great new plans it suddenly dawned on me that they already exist!!!

    When will the government realise that changing policy, procedures and legislation won't change court decisions. Have the government forgotton about Human Rights and evidence, right to a fair trial.

    What's needed is a more robust sentencing for ASBO breaches. It's the court system that needs overhauling not legislation. The ASBO is a tough tool but is let down by the robustness of our court system.

    I'm interested in knowing if other legislation and offences are going to be scrapped because they continuiosly breach - driving disqualifications, theft, criminal damage, rape and murder laws repealed because it doesn't stop re-offending???

    I wasn't aware we had 19 ASB offences, as far as I know ASB isn't an offence. I am aware of the 16 recording standards?

    If someone has damaged my fence which I paid to have installed by an experinced person, do I want some bodge job done by the person who damaged it??? If the person refuses to repair my fence what sunctions will there be, another community order which again they won't bother to carry out????

    Government need to talk to those dealing with ASB in order to understand where it fails, afterall the ASBO concept was the brain child of the Tories which was adopted by Labour and ammended by court ruling so what makes these new (sorry re-cycled tools)going down the same path as the ASBO.