Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Crisis of care predicted by Labour survey

Shadow care services minister Emily Thornberry has claimed the the government is failing to protect social care, after a survey of local councils by her office found that nine out of 10 local authorities who responded were planning to charge more for residential accommodation. Other councils are planning to shut centres altogether or dramatically tighten up the eligibility for places over coming year.

Thornberry told The Telegraph:
"The Tory-led Government’s approach means huge changes are being brought in very quickly, giving little time for consultation with staff and service users. On top of this, Local Authorities are faced with the confusion of David Cameron’s wasteful top-down reorganisation of the NHS, which means that they are unable to plan for the long term." 
The Care and Support Alliance, in its recent evidence to the Dilnott Commission, reported that 23% of respondents reported that their care had already been cut back. However, the High Court recently ruled that Birmingham City Council's decision to to stop providing care packages for about 4,000 adults whose needs are assessed as being substantial was unlawful. The decision could have repercussions for other councils attempting to make similar cuts in social care.

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