Thursday, 12 April 2012

Reduction in data submissions for Councils

The government has reduced the amount of data collections it expects councils to send it by over a quarter.

The newly published single data list 2012-2013 of the information councils are expected to report to central government shows a reduction in demands from 193 data collections last year to 156 this year.

Ministers are also putting in place a 'gateway' process to prevent the build up of new data burdens on local government. Councils will not have to provide anything that is not on the list unless funding is made available.

The collections relating to 'housing' that have ceased since 2010 include:
  • Tenant Satisfaction Survey (STATUS) - Cancelled with effect from 10 August 2010. As a replacement HouseMark launched STAR (Survey of Tenants and Residents) in July 2011 as a free voluntary approach to tenant and resident satisfaction measurement for the social housing sector.
  • Housing Revenue Account Subsidy Claim forms: second advance and base data forms - No further instances of these collections will be required following the reform of HRA subsidy in 2012/13.
  • Disabled Facilities Grant - Collection will no longer be required following the removal of ringfencing in 2011/12.
  • National Register of Social Housing (NROSH) - Collection from local authorities discontinued in June 2011.
The collections relating to 'housing' that are time limited,  partially ceased or been reduced include:
  • HRA Subsidy Claim form: advance final - Final instance of collection to be issued during 2012/13 for completion by end Sept 2012
  • HRA Subsidy Claim form: auditor final - Final instance of collection to be issued during 2012/13 for completion by end Dec 2012
  • Mortgage Rescue Scheme return - The data return has been reduced from 20 questions to 3 questions
  • Housing Monitoring (P1B) - Frequency of collection reduced from quarterly to annual.
The data collection topics relevant for 'housing' in 2012-2013 include:
  • House Building Return (P2a)
  • Housing Flows Reconciliation Form (HFR)
  • Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) - reviewed
  • HRA Business Plan Statistical Appendix (BPSA) - reviewed
  • CORE (Continuous Recording) of lettings by local authorities
  • Housing Monitoring (P1B) - reviewed
  • Local Authority activity under the homelessness provisions of the 1996 Housing Act (P1E)
  • Rough sleepers - Local Authority Form
  • Count of gypsy and traveller caravans
  • Housing Capital Receipts pooling - LOGASNet collection
  • Housing Capital Receipts pooling - signed paper return

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